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This is a bit of a long shot, but here goes. I have an HTC one SV phoneand a 2013 Mk3 Focus. This phone is on Fords list as one that will read text messages. When I got the phone I paired it with the car and it received text messages, read them out, no problem as it should. The other day I had an incoming text and the car did not notify me of such. I played around with both the car and phone when I got home, Did a reset on the cars bluetooth, unpaired each, soft reset on phone, made sure Notify texts was ticked on the car, everything I could think of and it still won't notify me of an incoming text. If I drill down through the cars menu I can find the text and it will even read it for me, but will not send a reply. The voice phone side works as it should. Anyone got any thoughts as to what I could try next. :wacko:

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