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James R Wenham

Sierra 2.9i 4x4

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Dear All,

I've got a Sierra 2.9i 4x4 which has sat in my garage for about 8 years. I'm asking around to see what it might be worth. It'll need a fair bit of work to pass an MOT but a pretty tidy motor. It was my grans back in the day (your classic one old lady owner from new!) which I inherited. My old man had a garage so various mods were done; all the way through exhaust, racing cam shaft, ECU remapped, Suspension, brakes, wheels, etc. I'm not a boy racer but did give it some to be honest! The mileage is relatively low (60,000 off the top of my head) and the engine is sound. anyone have an idea of how much its worth?? I'm told standard versions are pretty rare but might have shot myself in the foot with the mods. Any advice or to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

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