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Mk3 instrument cluster strangeness


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Today I sat in my 2015 focus with the engine off and ignition off and noticed a noise and slight movement in the needles on the instrument cluster.

All needles were dropping below 0 then moving back up a few minutes later. 

I presume this is not not normal behaviour. Any ideas what is causing this and what the cure is?

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Just seems to happen for about 5 minutes after ignition is turned off.

I hear the steering lock engage straight away then I presume the auto fan/cooling powering down. Then I witness the needles moving about.

Could it be some sort of calibration it does automatically.

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I've seen that happen in my 2011 MK3 Titanium. Never paid much attention to it really. Although, could be unrelated, but if i turn ignition on without starting engine, it immediately flashes up low battery?

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My car is on the latest software due to the numerous times it's been back.

The dials on mine seem to do a dance when the door is opened and just randomly when the engine is off. I'd say this was pretty normal, but bizarre all the same.

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