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Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI

Nick Fiesta

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I am planning to buy Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 2009-10. I understood that this engine is the best for this model. Also has perfect MPG.

Does it have DPF on that model or just on 1.6 TDCI ECOnetic?

I am also afraid because I understood that this engine is the same with Peugeot and Citroen HDI engines. A lot of people are complaining about HDI? What about Ford?

Could you tell me what I should look before buying and what to be aware?


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Not sure if it has the dpf at that age.

Search back the forum there are numerous threads. General consensus is make sure it has an immaculate service history. Always taking a chance on a used vehicle of course.

As long as you look after if with plenty of good servicing then you'll get a few more years out of the car no problem without too much incident. Depending on the mileage check if its had the timing belt and water pump changed, think ford recommend around 80-100k but would be better done at 60-70k miles to be safe.

Like anything really you've just got to look after it and keep it well serviced changing all filters, fluids and oils regular.

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I had a 2007 1.6tdci (90bhp)which was twin cam 16 valve. later ones are single cam 8 valve. I am not sure what year they changed.  I though the performance of mine was brilliant.

I now have 1.5tdci econetic (2015) which is single cam 8 valve(95bhp) and only 61cc less than the 1.6tdci but the performance seems quite lacking compared to my old 1.6tdci.

the problems seem to be turbo failure due to sludge blocking the high pressure oil feed to turbo bearings. I had no such problems. Car had 1k miles when I bought it and 146k miles when I sold it and I changed the oil with Magentec eevery 15k miles (ford say 12.5k miles).

The other problem is leaking fuel injector seals which I did have some problems with. (diesel seeps out around the seals and the small puddles of it cook on the hot cylinder heat and form a sort of black goo. smells horrible whenever you have heater on).

I did the timing belt myself, it is easier than some other cars. Although is was twin cam the belt only drives one cam, the 2nd can is driven by a chain off the first cam and you don't need to touch that (in fact you don't even see that when doing the timing belt). 

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