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What tyres are people putting on their Kugas when they need replacing. My sizes are 235/18 on a diesel 180bhp  Currently I have manufactures Continentals on. 

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Just had the fronts replaced on my titanium x 2 ltr stayed with the continentals 235x50x18 contact sport 5 v101 xl , got them from Halfords on line which are cheaper than going into Halfords shop 60 pounds difference for the pair, check out asda tyres as well. The tyres had done 29000 miles .Which isn't bad.Cost was 277 pounds the pair fully fitted.

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forgot the price
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Michelin LTX was significantly cheaper than the original Continentals, every tire dealer I checked agreed that they were not only cheaper, but lasted longer and had better traction as well.  I've really liked the Michelins, haven't had a chance to try them in snow yet but I've been told they work better there was well.  The original Continental was only rated for 40,000 miles and the Michelin LTX is either rated for 50K or 60K miles, not totally sure which one anymore.  

I have tried them in muddy, rutted roads, worked fine, no slipping at all.  

This is for the 235/45R19 size.  

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