MK7 (facelift?) '14 plate Fiesta Zetec S - audio/sync upgrades

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I have a 14 plate Fiesta Zetec S (I think this is the MK7 facelift?) and factory-fitted stereo/Sync set up. I wondered if it's possible to get an upgrade on the audio system for DAB and maybe touch screen functionality like the latest Corsa system, and also if anyone knows whether the latest Sync (is it Sync 3?) is available in the UK? Can UK Ford dealers install/upgrade Sync?



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You might be able to upgrade to DAB and to the Sony system & Speakers if you wanted.

It might be possible to fit a Sync 2 system from the US, but it would be a lot of work.

Sync 3 is on the next gen Fiesta, you can't have it on the Mk7.

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As said above, you can change the head unit to a sony one, or just a 2015 unit with DAB and wire in a new antenna. They're about £100 on ebay just for the head unit.

You would also need a modified obd2 scanner with ForScan installed on a Laptop to enable the DAB radio. People have had various results with getting DAB to activate, with the ECU setting the "enable DAB" back to false each time you turn the radio on. Again some people got it first time, some having to download the data off other cars fitted from factory and others working perfectly first time.

Aftermarker touch screen would be easier to fit than a sync 2, as there will be wiring harnesses differences etc. Even though there is the spaceship like dash, but would be possible with a facia adaptor. (They're like £120 for a kit with everything you need, plus at least £200 for a touch screen, ouch!). 

Dealers can update sync 1.1 and higher, but expect to pay for it. You can get an indian fiesta vin number and sign up the the Ford India to download updates yourself. An early 2014 fiesta (like mine) only has sync 1.0, so can't be upgraded, the APIN Module (I think that's the name) needs to be changed. You can check on your radios settings, do a quick search on the forum on what to look for. This post is already quite long haha.

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