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Kuga LED Light upgrade


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Hi everyone,

Just bought a 2016 Ford Kuga Titanium Sport.  OK, couldn't quite afford the titanium x version, however the let down for me is no led front or rear lights.

I suspect this has been mentioned hundreds of times but hopefully people won't mind assisting directly to my question.  I know there are aftermarket LED strips etc you can buy and add on but i would much prefer the actual titanium x front and rear lights.

Question: if i bought off the shelf titantium x led front and rear lights, are these plug and play or does it require additional hardware.  If so, what would be needed.  Anyone costed this type of upgrade for the front and rear?


Many thanks in advance.


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Your car will have DRL halogen.

So ideally adding the Strips below maybe a better option. 

So not sure it will be a straight plug and play. 

As the X model has the LED strip and beam bending. 

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