Weird throttle problem fusion 1.6 petrol 2009

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Problem with ( europe model) Ford Fusion 1.6  2009 petrol, when car is not moving and pushing Throttle pedal there is cap ( nothing happen area) between 800rpm--1400rpm.
RPM goes 800rpm to 1400rpm, this is difficult to explain.
After 800rpm throttle pedal moving normally (nothing happen) 1or 2 cm and rpm not rising but suddenly rpm are 1400rpm.
This is not happen when car is moving , tested in speed and gear neutral, throttle working like it should be, no cap in rpm .
Tested in Ford dealer tester nothing found ( new software installed no help).

any idea?


sorry my poor english i fron finland :)



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Throttle position sensor?  Code reading isn't always very helpful.  Get a multimeter check the sensor in all positions.  I believe its integral to the pedal on these cars.  Good luck.


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