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What would cause this

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05 Mondy estate...rattle/clunk from the back underneath, it's just passed mot with no fails or advisories at the back apart from a duff caliper but this noise has been here for months. I'm guessing it's nothing serious ie bushes ect or it would have failed or at least been advised on. I'm stumped as to what it is, I know there's probably now of knowing on a forum as you'd need to hear it but apart from bushes, exhaust rubbers what else can it be.. 

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I'd get underneath and see if you can feel around and emulate the sound by moving the exhaust etc...  If not then it's probably suspension related, but chances are it isn't serious and is just a rubber bush somewhere.  I'd personally ignore it unless it became loud or you noticed problems whilst driving.

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It is quite loud Jamie or it sounds it inside, I meant to have a look earliest but didn't I will tomorrow, was funny the other day when mother was in it, she said what the hell is that, and this passed its mot with a duff back brake and nothing else, I think you better get it looked at :biggrin:

I will tomorrow this time....i know it's a 12 yr old banger but now it sounds it :laugh:

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I gave a good tug on it and found it hitting the spare wheel well and the bracket just behind the trail arm, i wrapped some rubber pipe from an old turbo intake. It's made some difference but still knocking so I guess it's still hitting somewhere so I'll get under again tomorrow. That'll be why the mot guy didn't fail ect it.

***** annoying when driving, as I said...sounds worse than banger it is..

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