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Usb stereo mod

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Hi all.

My front 12v socket has been playing upon my 53plate 1.8 tdci Focus, so I thought it about time that I took this I  hand.

The usb adapters keep switching on and off with every bump in the road. 

When I bought the focus, the first thing I did was fit my cheap Kenwood stereo. 



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This is the fascia adapter -

Nightmare for my stubby little  fingersomething trying to prise anything from the bottom recess.


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I did something similar years ago with one from the pound shop in my old Astra, for the rear passengers, but now I need something more powerful. 

So I found a 2.4 amp x3 USB adapter, total 7.2 amp.

download (1).jpg

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Hardwired the USB adapter.

Soldered wires directly to both earth connectors and live on the usb adapter. Made safe with heat shrink and electrical self amalgam in tape (I hate cheap sticky electrical  tape as the glue melts)


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Firstly I made a template from card. 

The inside gets narrower as it gets nearer the bottom, and the front isn't square versus the inside, so everything is at a slight aNike. 

Cut the ABS sheet to fit across the gap in the fascia adapter with a Stanley knife and a cutting disc. Finished  edges with files and the due of the Stanley knife.

Cut slots, so the bits  slot all together. 

Bent it to shape using a (paint striping) heat gun.

Glued it with Pipe weld glue.

I don't normally get on well with glues, but this was spot on and it set solid. It's  a solvent cement  type glue so effectively  melts the bits together - nicely of course. 


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Finished fitting.

Wiring - power - it was easy  to run a cable behind the fascia,around the air pipes, back to the fuse box behind the glove box. 

For earth I tapped into the stereo earth.

Just waiting for delivery of a piggy back fuse, for ease of wiring to the fuse box. 

Tip - test the terminals on the fuse box first to the make sure the piggy back is fitted the right way around. 


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