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Servicing and DAB issues.


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I appologise if this is on here somewhere else,


I brought a 2014 Kuga 3 months ago. Its warrenty is due to expire at the end of this month. I have been to TC Harrison who tell me i needed a major service, which i've had done, was also told i needed a powershift gearbox service.


Looking through the servicing book, i cant find the answers im looking for. Is it every 3 years for a major service and gearbox service? i can't help but think i've been slightly ripped off by the main dealer, with the price i've paid, after looking online.


Also, i am having problems with my DAB, If i have the SDL National it cuts out constantly, especailly when next to lorries or in built up areas, any ideas on a fix?


Thanks for the help.

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Sorry I have no idea about the power shift gear box never had one and never want one after all the problems people have had with them. I stick to manual gears never given me any gip . As for the dab my last car which was a fiesta titanium x had a terrible problem with the dab I never bothered with it just used fm. Sorry can't be of any real help

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