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Corroded power steering pipe

Phil 3747

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Hi Guys, Newby here,

Both my daughters have '57 plate Ka's and one of them has just developed a problem with a badly corroded and leaking power steering pipe.

It is one of the twin pipes that goes from the rack, around the back of the engine bay then along the nearside chassis leg and up towards the radiator. It has corroded through inside the nearside wheelarch and is now leaking fluid.

I am planning on tackling it tomorrow but as Ford want £147+vat I am considering just taking it off and getting the corroded part replaced at my local Pirtek hydraulic hose centre.

Do the twin pipes separate easy enough, so that I can just get the fubarred one off, or do I have to fully disconnect both of them ??

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All sorted...managed to get the old one off in about 45 minutes and took it to local Pirtek branch who replaced the corroded end with a section of flexi hydraulic pipe and a new connector. Total cost including a brass olive £44 :biggrin:

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Phil, please can you tell me/ show me where you undid the leaking pipe, mines leaking in the same place. The only place I can see to undo the pipe is at the steering  rack, but getting at it ha#######thanks  alanknox47@ hotmail.co.uk

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Hi I have had the same problem it were it rubs on the passenger side drive shaft hope it helps 

I got a hydronic connecter about 5.99 fixed it 

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