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Woman on phone runs red light

The Dark Knight

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1 hour ago, Philf1 said:

Send the video to the police they will issue her a penalty or at least a bollocking

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Unfortunately the general consensus is that police actually have to see them to issue a ticket. I did tweet it to my local SNT and traffic police but no reply. They haven't got time or resources to chase down every bit of footage on dashcam but at least its one to look out for when they are out and about.

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2 hours ago, JamesMalin said:

A huge pet hate of mine!

I've had heated arguments and stand up row's with people on their phone's while driving.


From the video i couldn't quite see and the red light was very close indeed.

In the still you can just about make out her right hand to her right ear, if only the camera could see her as clearly as I could. Also, you should stop on an amber light unless to do so would be unsafe. One of the stills shows that she wasn't even in frame when the lights were on amber and had just changed to red before she had crossed the line.

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A copper would have tugged her but it'd be a 50/50 in court.


A pal's missus works at the local magistrates and see's them all day everyday.


Totally agree she's in the wrong on both counts. People like that crash and put our insurance premiums up!

But we must remember women are better drivers! :tongue:

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