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Hard wiring vs 12v plug in

The Dark Knight

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TBH it depends on whether you are happy to leave it on auto or prefer a manual kill switch option.
I first had mine hardwired but found that because I often enter areas where dashcams must be switched off, hunting for the tiny power button was a bumache.
Mine is now run from a switched 12v plug to which I soldered a 12v socket.
The socket and power plug for my cam are hidden up under the dash so all you see is about 15cm of cable and the illuminated adaptor in the front socket.
Easy to flick on or off as needed and gives a visible indication as to the power state if checked.

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Well after much research including YouTube videos and reading many reviews (the vast majority turned out very positive), I decided to purchase a Thinkware F770 from Chameleon and opted for the hard wire version.

Found a 12% voucher code which gave me a decent saving over their standard price of £219. I have also arranged for one of their engineers to attend and wire it all in. Will report back in due course.

Roadhawk DC-2 going in the for sale section soon. Shouldn't be a problem for someone up on computer/technical skills

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