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Ford SMax 2016 Sat Nav out of date maps


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Hello All.

We have a 2016 (LC65 PLATE) SMax Titanium updated with the X Pack. Overall it’s a really nice car, except for the incessant rattles the dealership cannot solve, but that aside.

The SatNav, Since new we’ve had the feeling that this expensive upgrade isn’t as up to date as it should be. It has an F5 SD card in it and the following version numbers if the APIM module:

Navigation application version 4.66.6

Map database version F5



Assembly part number:ES7T-14D212-FA

H/W Part number:ES7T-14F130-BA

CCPU S/W part number:EAST-14D544-AD

Voice Control APP: 29125-001-553 12-03-2015

Gracenote Library:

Gracenote Database: 5065


We live in the south of the UK and are finding that a lot of the roads particularly in Surrey, Sussex & Kent are missing from the maps. We have personal knowledge that some of the roads missing have existed for at least three years and so it seems to date the maps to be at least that old. We accept no map is 100% but to be this far out of date seems as though the product isn’t being supported anymore?


The dealership claims to have done an update, but in reality the version numbers have not changed and the roads are still missing. Also we were copied (by mistake) into an email between two staff members asking why this old system had been fitted to a new car, which then suggests we have an old hardware which then might explain why it’s not being updated. We will challenge them on this but want to throw open to a wider knowledge base as the dealership doesn’t seem to be being straight with us. Ford Customer Services just refer back to the dealership and the online chat with ford doesn’t have any information at all.


My questions are, does anyone know for certain of the above versions are the latest and when they were released?

Does anyone know for certain if the F5 map SD card is the ‘latest’ and how old that is.

I’ve been told SYNC2 and these radios have been discontinued on this model of the SMAX and the new SYNC3 is being fitted as of April 2016.

SYNC 2 is no longer supported and there will be no more updates.

Ford have moved to the blackberry system and discontinued the windows system.

Lastly, apparently the APIM module is responsible for the satnav and the SYNC system. Info I found online suggests that the APIM module can be removed and replaced with the current SYNC3 version. Has anyone got any proper advice or knowledge about this?

Sorry it’s a lot of questions.

Thanks in advance.

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