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Rapport and Kaspersky problem

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Ok i have just seen that my icon for Rapport security (IBM) for banking is not there but the Dashboard is still there as a windows 10 app.

Would this still be running just the icon gone,the icon is ticked to show and when i try to install the Rapport again it says ''an error as stopped installer wizard''

Turned Kaspersky off but still get the same on install and looking at it the dashboard is there so still installed but no browser icon,i have the Total Kaspersky security.

Is this still running and working.

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My Rapport icon doesn't show in my search bar anymore either but is running in the background.
This is with Avast installed.
Check Task Manager, it will be listed there.

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I'm on Firefox and i had to go into programs and take it out and put it back in the i get a Firefox plug-in to accept which i have.

It comes in the top right corner now but mainly grey and you use to click it when grey to add the site you want to protect but not now.

It works green now on the bank but i know it will go again soon but still in p.c,it just vanishes so no indication that its running once it plays up again.

I think Kaspersky must over rule it and do its job when it updates that's all i can think.

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Another thing is when Rapport is working the laptop is so slow opening say this site and facebook etc.

When i reset firefox it works fine as it cleared the add ones.

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