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Fiesta st2


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Hi guys I'm new to the site 🤘🏼

I own a fiesta st2 and only had it a few months and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for tires I should use, I currently have Bridgestone potenza (fitted from start) they are pretty good performing tires I feel but wouldn't mind others insight on any other well performing tires.


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Round ones for sure! I'll get me coat....

I used to like Avons on my Clio 172 but that was a few years ago when they were ZZ3, they are not called that anymore. They were good tyres, nice and sticky but because of that they wore quickly. I've also had experience with Pirelli Pzero and Hancock Ventus, which to me performed similarly. Have a look here... http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/91856/tyre-reviews-best-car-tyres-20162017

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I currently run Toyo proxes 4. Bought them at 4wheelonline. These all-season tires have good traction in the wet and dry. They are average for noise.

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