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Grey MK7 Fiesta Zetec S


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Sold the Mx5 at the weekend and bought this 2009 Zetec S as a more comfortable daily while I spend money on the camper van project. Won't be doing too much to it due to the other project but thought I'd start a thread anyway, as is tradition!

Owner didn't know too much about the mods on it so I asked around, it appears to be on cheap Apex springs which actually ride fantastically compared to my MX5 which was on £627 coilovers. It also has a custom, also assumably cheap, why might be a bit too loud for me but only when you want it to be so not a problem really.

Trying to see what wheel options I could get away with given the height not being super low but might just respray the current ones for the timing being - all but 1 are tatty and plasti-dipped matt black. Also looking at LED rear lights but I shall try resist!




My last project thread:


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On 7/17/2017 at 8:19 AM, b4zz said:

looks like you got a great fez there fella

Cheers! Trying my best not to mod it but wheels could do with a respray, I'm contemplating a dark brown, maybe with some dark brown strips on the front fender to accompany hmm. Seems a shame not to colour match the 3 tatty wheels to the one brand new wheel though.

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