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Could someone please point me in the right direction? I have just bought a 2005 Street KA and the drivers side front wheel arch lining is damaged and needs replacing. (No clips will help this!) However, after speaking with Ford Parts UK, they said they do not make them anymore and there is only one left in stock in the UK?! 

The trim is scraping along the wheel at the moment and i dont want it to damage the tyre. Can it just be removed or does it need to be replaced?

Any advice is gratefully appreciated.


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You should be able to easily pick up a used one from a breakers.  Have a look on ebay as there are a fair few streetka breakers on there.  You should be able to source one reasonably priced.

Best to replace it too rather than just remove it as the inner arch protects so many parts that would otherwise be exposed in the engine bay and you don't want water spray and all the dirt and crap off the road getting in there.

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