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Tailgating van

The Dark Knight

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I indicated and pulled out and did not realise just how fast this guy was suddenly bearing down on me. He then decided to tailgate me!
Yes I could have moved back to the inside lane but he would have just tailgated the next person and there were several HGV's down the inside lane so it seemed pointless moving back in between each one.

I didn't brake check him like some people do, I just cruised along before very steadily moving out of his way.:tongue:


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What a bell end!


Tailgaters get either of two responses from me, one is to simply lift off the accelerator and gradually slow down (which I did this evening to the wonderful person in the VW Golf following me home) or the other is to lower the driver window and wave or 'signal' them to back off. I occasionally 'signal' out of the rear window but keep forgetting that I've got factory tinted rear windows and that they probably can't see anything :laugh:

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2 hours ago, Freddy42 said:

Good quality film of 'Driver of the Week'.  What's the cam?

It's a Nextbase 101 which is really basic to be honest and the picture quality isn't fantastic when not at close range but as its the back window, I don't mind. I Shell out more for the front facing camera.

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