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*Black Beauty* - Fiesta Mk6 Build Thread

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That's decent to be honest. I would colour code the rear plastic bottom of the bumper. In terms of tuning I'd get the audi S3 of that generation the turbo and injectors. Can get it to some big power. 
It's great so far! I went for black which is the only colour I don't mind having the plain plastic bumper. Who knows though, I might eventually go down the Edition 30 route...
200bhp is plenty of power for now lol. The fastest car I've owned. I'm just going to enjoy driving and learning. Modding will be taking a back seat for a little while

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Here is my successor! Thanks so much to every single person that kept up with my Fiesta shenanigans and provided guidance along the way. Has been a pleasure chatting with you all and being part of this forum. This will be my last post on here so will close the thread after this.
The Golf will be staying relatively standard for a while (I say that now...lol) but any progress will be on Instagram: Www.instagram.com/iamzahra
Do feel free to follow if you wish. Take care [emoji1422][emoji813]e6d1f1469ebcce9f586a41d263ed1176.jpgd42c975f8eb30c6c8a61399ab3321f2c.jpg0d3ad049a8e1ad081fbd0d588b3c2d0b.jpg

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