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Rear camera alignment


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I'm not sure if my rear view camera has shifted. Could someone post a view from their rear camera for comparison. I'm not sure if so much of my number plate should be visible.




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I'd say yours has shifted a little bit. In fact I think it definitely has, but only by a little, but it is exaggerated due to the field of vision. It looks like you are maybe 3-5mm too low. Is that what you were thinking @omnibaffle ? You have to have a very very critical eye to see it, and I would expect Ford to say that it is within 'tolerance' if you were to take it in to them.

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I'm confused. Those images look pretty much the same to me. Can someone explain the difference, other than the location and the reg numbers ??

My reasoning for thinking the OPs camera may be out of line is this;
In his picture you can see the makers name under the VRM
You can also see more of the 2 characters on the plate either side of the camera
It's only marginal, I reckon 5mm too low, maximum. As I said earlier it's probably within tolerances, but the OP asked the question.

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