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Hugh Jeffort

Rear Diff / Prop Shaft

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Hi all, 

Had a problem with the truck last night, cruising at 70 and got a sudden bang followed by vibration and knocking, gets worse with increase in speed. 

Found that a part of the rear diff, prob shaft had become detached where the shaft joins the diff, looks like it's some kind of balance weight. It was quite badly damaged and once removed problem appears solved. Anybody know what it's for? I'm just assuming it's a balance weight of some kind but I'm confused to how it does that.  

Attached are some pics of where it was fitted, any ideas?

You can see the outline around the prop shaft where it was fitted.




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That happens to lots of people with Rangers from that era. It happened to me on my way home from MOT last year! Five minutes with the trusty angle grinder took mine off. Removing it is the best solution and you've done that.

It was installed after the grease nipple on the slip yoke was removed. Its purpose seems to be to act as a small flywheel to smooth out vibrations cause by a dry slip yoke and/or a worn carrier bearing. The car runs perfectly well without it, Mine has run for nearly a year and no ill effects.

When I need to renew my carrier bearing or universal joints I intend to install a grease nipple on the slip yoke and have things the way they used to be. By the way the best grease for the slip yoke is one containing molybdenum disulphide (moly grease) rather than the whitish lithium grease. It seems it survives the under car environment better.

Hope this helps.


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