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1.6TDCI Boost issue


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My car is really frustrating me now it works fine on the flat or up a steep hill but if I go up a long hill my boost cuts from 18-21psi to about 5-6psi usually in 3rd.

I have checked all pipes I have changed the map sensor and MAF sensor.

Checked wastegate is holding vacuum.


Any idea or suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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Ok , it sounds like the turbo is not producing boost and the engine is "sucking" on the turbo pipes instead of them being under pressure

Even though you can hear the turbo spooling i would double check to see if its turning ok and has not got a lot of play in it (you can take the inlet hose off the front of the turbo to do this)

could be siezed or seals have gone

if its a fixed vane the wastegate may be jammed open

variable vane - faulty actuator

could be a blockage upstream of the turbo

or the EGR valve stuck open or a leak before the turbine

i would keep an eye on the oil level to see if it is using oil

i would get a code reader see if faults come up mate.

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Turbo will work lovely on the flat but for some reason on long uphill the turbo almost cuts out.

I have forscan and I'm getting turbo uderboost but not showing eml. 

Egr has been mapped out and blanked.

I have checked for play and there's nothing shaft spins freely. There is oil from the centre of the turbo running down the back of the inlet side of the turbo. 




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So today I did a static regeneration because I can't go on the motorway due to turbo cutting out.

I noticed exhaust gases escaping between the turbo and dpf, I checked the clamp and all is tight.

My boost still cuts out no idea why but I think I might have to buy a turbo see if that works, What do you guys think ?

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