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Next week I am going to have ago at my alloys with this!


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£16.29 from Toolstation. I know its for harder metals really but I am willing to give it a go. 30 years in engineering workshops using grinders daily I guess would qualify me as a grinder expert:biggrin: I will do a before and after photo of the worst curbed wheel that I have.:wink: 


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First stage went fantastic. Took the oxidation right out in seconds and took the scratches right out. Second stage went really well again. 

At this stage what I should have done is the entire wheel with this one but I did not and ended up paying for it.:sad:

The next two steps with a fibre wheel and soap were "I" think too shiny. 

I then rubbed all the legs down were the original lacquer finished with 600 grit wet & dry.

I had not banked on it being that thick. The end result was a lacquer miss-match that was awful.

So much so I went to paint to cover it and it too did not hide the thickness of the lacquer.  

So the next thing is paint-stripper, pressure washer and an all over mop with the second disc. Then fresh lacquer on the whole lot.

But not today I am knackered.:sad: 

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That looks like a severe remedy.  Has anyone tried the diy wheel repair kits with filler paste etc for kerb damage and how well did it work?  Or would it be better to let an expert sort ti?

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