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Best cleaning/detailing products


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Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the best cleaning/detailing products?

I've always used Autoglym products myself due to ease of purchase and price; plus I've never really had a reason to change as the results they give are very good.

However, I'm open to suggestions, what else is good? I don't really want to spend more than £20 maximum on a product...

I've added some pictures of my car using autoglym products below and I've just used BSC, SRP and EGP.

Any other suggestions for a better finish?






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good car detailing can be expressed by 90% prep , 10% final product application , making whatever wax / sealant you use little more than personal preference.

a more important consideration is using a washing method that inflicts as little damage to the paintwork over the course of the year.

and without sounding unadventurous , if you're happy with the products your using now i see no reason to Shell out on other products that may or may not add any further benefits unless you have cash to burn as theres a million different products out there and half of them dont live upto the marketing hype

anyway EGP is an excellent product for the price as shown by the impressive bodywork shine in your car photos

in short , carry on as you are :-)

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I'd happily say there is TOO much choice out there!!

I do so far like Meguiars Endurance for tyres & also fully recommend Solution Finish for reviving faded black plastics!!

Car Pro PERL is also a good product & for polishes & waxes I think it's a case of personal preference really.

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I have Meguiars detailing products at the moment as I could get it at trade price from EuroCarParts. I'll be doing some research on Autobrite & Auto Finesse. I've always done the wheels last not first lol Also Euro sell both of those products so I'll be seeing if they sell everything I would need. Thanks for the info guys. 

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