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Looking for Advice on a 2003 Fiesta Zetec

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I have just bought a 2003 Fiesta Zetec and had nothing but issues.  It came with a new MOT but had an "unknown" electrical fault the minute I drove it home - at intermittent periods the various emergecy lights ie engine, battery etc kept flickering while the car juddered, also once stopped while at traffic lights .  Went back to dealer who arranged for me to come back the following week.  Long story short after more than one visit due to staff illness etc last Friday they said it was sorted - had replaced leads, caps and a crack in the water system, had taken it out for a long run and it was fine.  Then yesterday the engine warning light came on.

Have I bought a lemon - what do you guys suspect it is.  If it's simple might just get it sorted.

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When they changed the leads did they change the plugs and coil? 

Also, check the plug ports and see if there is any water in them, if no water are the ports clean or a rusty brown colour?

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if the engine fault light is on you need to get a code reader on the OBD port to see what fault code is. These code readers are cheap on ebay etc , you can get ones which bluetooth to your phone or usb cable to laptop. if you get a usb one for a laptop, there is more software available (free) to read the codes and tell you what they mean

bearing in mind the cost and usefulness of these, everyone should have one


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You can get a full refund if you haven't had it for longer than 30 days, it's the law now. Don't let them repair anything else and fob you off. In my experience as soon as you start getting warning lights like this, they never get properly fixed. Get rid of the car and find something else.

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