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Wheel Arch Shield/Splash Guards - Made from Which Kind of Plastic??


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On my Mk2 Focus, the front offside wheel arch shield/splash guard at some point has developed a crack, from just behind where the mud flap is attached and it extends about 300mm in a gentle arc towards the steering rack hole.  I have just removed it to repair it. Most of the plastic components state what they are made from, either with the ISO numerical embossed somewhere or it's actual name: this is not the case with this! 

It looks like LDPE but then again LDPE is unlikely to crack

Anyone know what they're actually made from?

If it is a thermal setting plastic I'll be able to plastic weld it.  Otherwise it'll have to be have be repaired with the right kind of adhesive.  Which is dependent on knowing what exactly it is:unsure:

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