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Help needed identifying ticking noise coming from wheels


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Hey all, 

First time poster here hoping to lean on some of the forum expertise to solve a problem that's slowly grinding away my sanity! 

For a few weeks now I've been getting a relatively loud ticking noise coming from what seems to be driver side front wheel. Presuming it's wheel rather than engine as tick has a higher frequency as speed increases...it's not always there and tends to only become noticeable after travelling at 40/50 mph then start to brake. Ticking noise disappears entirely when braking. 

Car is a Fiesta MK7, that's just hit 77k miles. Your best guesses please gentlemen!!?



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Strange...I literally noticed this the other day on my car on the driver's front wheel too. I could hear it for a couple days and it was baffling me as I couldn't see anything.

Eventually I realised that, as people above have said, it was stones. I had recently driven through a skid risk section of road (whilst screaming at stones being flicked up of course). I must have gone other some sort of sticky substance in the road as I had a cluster of small stones stuck to my tyre. I cleaned them all off and I haven't noticed the noise since.

Hopefully yours is the same, I was relieved to figure out nothing was broken!

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