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Fiesta colour code


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The plate on the drivers door pillar of my car suggests that the colour code is "D2".

Chippex lists this as bright red whereas my car is bright black. How do I find the correct colour code on a 2006 Fiesta?

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I'd say it should be fine mate, I had a 10 year old pearlescent black Clio and painted the front bumper using paint code and Halfords paints, and the match (and quality) were top notch, you'd never guess it was done with rattle cans, all I'd say is take your time and build up the coats thinly I did about 6coats (of colour) probably 2-3 coats of primer and lacquer it until you are happy with the finish.

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Glad to help mate, I'd advise the 1st coat of primer and first couple of coats of paint spray into the back of the bumper to ensure good coverage into the rear of the all the slots/grills so you don't over spray and risk the paint running.
Are you from portobello? I'm not far, in west lothian

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