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Ford mk3 stereo upgrade


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i've just brought a ford focus 1.6 TDCI MK3 2013 reg.

I am after some advice and i don't know if here's the right place. 

i want to install something like this...  EBAY URL

But i dont know much about it, would any recommend anything different?


Also do you know any suttle mods/changes parts i can do that dont require much experience fitting 

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I have done this upgrade my self except I bought a Pioneer stereo and it's incredible over standard, works perfectly with my phone and DAB displaying all the information about song playing and station etc, downside is if you want built in navigation you have to buy a separate box which you install into your glove box which is expensive, but I just use my phones navigation which is more than adequate, as for sound quality it's amazing and would be even better with the right Speakers, you also get full control over each individual speaker if you wish and a very customisation equaliser. It also looks the part but altogether cost me about £500 for everything, including the fascia and steering wheel control leads, soon I'll be getting the rear view camera added too. It also keeps functions such as reverse sensors beep.

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In my build thread incidentally for DRLs and gear knob. Link is in my signature or it's...

Hang on...


I'm going to be replacing all my rear lights and front fogs to led soon too so that'll all go on there.

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