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MY51 Fiesta


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Afternon Everyone, my names Nath originally from Birmingham but moved to Derbyshire and here's a little project i've got.

It's a 51 (01/2002) Fiesta in radient Red. Bought it as I wrote my van off and needed a daily, so my grandfather saw this local to him and got it for me (as I was due to go to Wales that weekend so didnt have time to sort anything out). Came with a full ticket and full service history.  Very clean motor inside and out, if i'm being really picky the rear arches could do with a tidy up and that's it even the rest of the paintwork has been looked after and not faded to a pink, So i can't complain really for a 16year old motor



I have some small mods to do as it's only a 1.3 -

>  Upgrade Sound System
   > Install New Headunit, Sub & Amp and Additional Rear Speakers

> Change all the dash and speedo lights from Green to Red

> Get some 16" alloys refurbed in Anthracite

> Lower on springs

> Zetec S front/Rear Bumpers and Sideskirts

>  Install front and rear leather seats

> Debadge the boot
  >  Then eventually do a Smooth Boot

> Tint Rear Lights

> Tint Rear Windows


Might need help with one or two of them so if anyone's local and able to give me a hand they'd be some beer tokens in it for you. :)

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