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[Advice] Fiesta ST-Line Rust?


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Hi all,

First off my knowledge of cars isnt the greatest...although I know what I like.

Besides that, basically Ive had mt Mk7.5 fiesta st-line since January 2017 (Love it, its awesome)

Today I noticed under the bonnet, what appears to be some rust appear. I think it's attached to the turbo (again not really knowing what Im talking about). Ive seen people have rust issues with the tubes connecting, however mine appear fine. It seems to be a different part. Well..takes a look at the pictures and see for yourself.

Is it worth me taking it into ford to have a look at? Or is this something that is expected/nothing to worry about?

Thanks for any help



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This part that is rusted, is the Turbo intake.

I have a Mk7.5 fiesta st-line since March 2017 and here is a photo of the turbo intake which i just took.

My car has 11,500 miles on the clock...

I suggest you should check it with the dealer...



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Checked mine this morning.   A 2013 model with just under 30,000 miles on the clock and the pipes are perfect.   I think this suggests that some of these pipes are faulty.

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As Ian says; it is quite normal as that section is cast iron so will develop surface corrosion. It acts as passivation layer so will actually prevent further corrosion from occurring. 

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