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AUX not working, help :x!


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Hello all,

I am having problems with the AUX on my fiesta.

We bought it second hand and the USB/AUX were not working. I fixed the USB, turned out the fuse was blown and the power outlet was in not too good shape... So I replaced the fuse and the power outlet for a new original Ford piece. Now the power outlet works, and so the USB I plugged in.


The AUX, however... the console shows me the Line In message, but when I plug it to my phone playing music though different sources, it just won´t play the audio on the car Speakers. The cable is good, I bought a new one and it does work.

The fuses are okay, the AUX port I have inspected and it looks okay as well. Everything works but that.... if it helps, the voice command doesn´t work and neither the cruise control (but I don´t care much about the last).

It is a Fiesta 1.25 from 2010.

Do you have any idea what might be causing it?

I´ve looked all over but none else seems to have this problem... my bluetooth seems to work, it find the phone and I can access the call list ad contact from the car and so on. It is simply the AUX play... also played with volumes and audio settings, everything is as it should be. just the thing won´t play on the car Speakers!



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i have a slightly lower model,but it has AUX JACK AS WELL JUST WONT WORK THROUGH MOBILE,IVE Tried ANDROID APPLE,i heard nokia symbian worked when thy came out,mentions it in the manual.but i no longer have one,i cant get it to play burnt discs either...

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Problem solved!


I was not going to give up on this issue!

This fixed both the audio streaming and the voice command functions. The cruise control was functioning all the time, I was just failing to make it work... go figure :blush:


So all it toke was some fuse resetting/replacement.

You will need to check which fuse box you have, mostly type one or two if your Fiesta is from around 2010 like mine. Find the fuses for bluetooth and Audio Sync, one is 15 Amp (BT) and the other is 7.5 Amp (audio sync system). Technically, you could restart them but I wanted the car´s computer to fully get the message (that I am in fact replacing those fuses), because they did look in good shape but I it HAD to be that.


1- With your car off, remove both fuses. Turn the car on and of course the whole audio system won´t work.

2- Turn off the car and insert new fuses where you toke the old ones out, they cost peanuts anyway so just get new ones.

3- Turn on the car and enjoy! (remember to first plug your device through USB, then AUX, and remember to max your device´s audio for optimal performance).

Now all the normal procedure to connect should work. If this doesn´t help you, inspect your USB and AUX jacks (physically). They could be damaged, if not, I honestly suggest you to check with Ford.


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Hi. I wonder if you can help me. I have a 2009 ford fiesta however the bluetooth, aux and usb don't work. It won't let me turn the bluetooth on from the stereo. I have tried another bluetooth module and it didn't work. The head unit wiring is all fine as I have removed that as well. Do you think a setting using obd may be needed to turn on bluetooth? I tried to do an update on the Bluetooth module using usb however the usb isn't recognising anything. Thank you

Thanknk you Freddie

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From Australia...

I have a 2010 Fiesta WS series, LX model trim. At this point in time, I'm still unable to get music from an iPod or Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 10+) to steam through the car Speakers. Both devices declare they are connected/paired to Ford Audio, yet even when the iPod screen comes up with its little thing down the bottom - select from iPod or 'Ford Audio' - I can tap on Ford Audio as much as you like but it won't play music. Trying to play songs to the car from the phone, regardless of player app. used, results in a similar silence. Honestly, I believe that some models just didn't get the bluetooth audio streaming feature as part of the installed head unit.

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On the 2010 model the bluetooth was for phone calls only. It did not support music streaming via bluetooth.

Do you not have an Aux port fitted ?

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There is an AUX port, 3.5mm female, next to a female cigarette lighter port with "12V power" rubber cap. Under the glovebox there's a lead coming out, photo shown...
I'm hoping someone here knows exactly what part it is that the plug connects to, seems to be for the USB. If I know what it's called (especially the exact part number) I'll grab one to tide me over until I can afford an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment unit.124535493_plugneededjpg.thumb.jpg.78dd816c2c0416dee443bd8f4dfc439c.jpg

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