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Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

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Both the rear parking sensor system and the Active Park Assist system can be retrofitted without any problems.


To retrofit the rear parking sensors you need the following parts:

4x Parking sensors.
2x Sensor bracket.
2x Sensor bracket. 
PAM module (Rear sensors only). 
2x Push-pin (needed to mount the module). 
Wiring harness. 

To retrofit the Active Park Assist system you also need the following additional parts:

6x Parking sensors 
4x Sensor bracket
PAM module (Front & Rear sensors) 
Front lower grille with sensor holes.
PDC/Active Park Assist switch.
Engine bay wiring harness.
Rear ABS/ESP sensors (Active Park Assist uses different sensors that can detect both forward and reverse motion).

The front parking sensor wiring is not available seperately. This wiring is part of the complete engine bay wiring harness and costs an arm and a leg (over €1000,-).  The easiest way to add the front parking sensor wiring is by taking it out of a scrap car or by building the additional wiring from scratch using the correct color wiring, connectors and connector pins.


After installaton of all parts the system needs to be activated in the Central Car Configuration using a suitible Ford specific diagnostic system.



I am currently working on a few CANbus related projects. One of these projects is a converter that makes it possible to display the parking sensor information of a cheap generic parking sensor kit on the FCDIM.

I use the speaker output signal of the cheap generic parking sensor kit as an input signal for an Arduino Nano with (specially designed) CANbus shield. By measuring the frequency of the speaker output signal (beeps) the Arduino sends the corresponding CANbus signal to the FCDIM.

I currently have a test setup on the table which is working perfectly. However I have not tested yet inside a car. The only downside of this solution is that the FCDIM shows the same distance for all sensors (instead of individually).  However my solution is still a lot better than no parking sensor infomation on the FCDIM at all.

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the x vision module was a good idea but no customers wanted to pay an extra £50 for it to display in fcdim with sound through the Speakers. it showed individual sensors like oem.
mine is the only one that i know of thats been done that way.

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