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Facebook Account as a Thing (not a person)- how?

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It is not at all clear how you set up a Facebook account for something other than an individual. 

In preparation for a massive fundraising campaign I (along with Pipper) am doing next year for the rescue that Pipper came from and I now volunteer for.  We are going to try and raise £100K+ for them over the course of the year, through numerous events.  As part of the campaign Pipper will be a sort of brand ambassador and consequently needs a presence on all the main social media platforms along with  her own website and blog

Setting up Twitter was relatively easy, you can be anything you want on Twitter.  Facebook is not! 

At the bottom of the "Sign Up" page there's a link for "Create a Page for celebrity, band or business" which Facebook's help section tells you to use if you are anything other than an individual.  However, once you follow it and select, up pops a log in window "Sign in to your account to proceed"

How can you possibly log into an account you haven't created yet!!!?

There are clearly "things" on Facebook including animals who are not individuals, so there must be a way to do it?



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I finally worked out how to do it, after an  extensive Google:smile:

You have to set up a personal account first, use that as the admin account, and from there create your other profiles.  You also don't appear to be able to log in to her account directly but have log in as admin and then navigate to it.  Which is a bit clumsy if you're a business with multiple brands. 

Pipper now has a live Twitter ( @itsPipper) and a Facebook account (@PippertheSpringer) but I've yet to add content.  Hopefully Instagram and Google won't be as awkward to set up.  Although I suspect setting up her website, blog and video channel will be quite involved. 

Facebook have these categories for the non-individual accounts, none of which Pipper really fits, for Facebook purposes Pipper is currently a "Public Figure" :laugh:



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