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Any updates for SYNC 3 yet?

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I have a SYNC 3, and from what i can tell i've not seen any updates while i've had the car, and i recieved the car in March.

Anyone know if you can manually download them?

or if there is a page that at least tells you what the latest version is?

I'ev tried searching for updates on the wifi from the car, but its keeps searching but never seems to say find some or at latest version?

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theres another thread not long ago discussing this. basically there is no update as of yet , ford are going to bring out an update but no date . the map data at present apparently is from 2014.



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These are 2 different things. Map updates and system software updates.


Currently there are no new maps for SYNC 3. The SYNC 3 map data that is currently factory installed is outdated. It uses a 2014 base map. There are a lot of complaints about this subject. in some countries some people even received a partial refund because of non conformity and Ford was not able to solve it within reasonable time.

Based on several sources Ford is currently developing the new map data and a way to distribute the update. Official Ford communication stated that the update should be available within a dew months and that it needs to be installed from USB. Whether this update can be installed by the owner from a USB drive or only can be installed by a Ford dealer is still unknown.

Some official sources say that the map updates will be free of charge for the first 7 Years. However this is not officially confirmed and I do not know if this applies to all countries or only certain countries.


After the SYNC 3 system was introduced there were several ssytem software updates. Software version 3.0 is currently the latest available version. This version can be downloaded from the following website:


You can use Google Translate to translate the Russian text to English. The update can be installed from a USB drive. After this update the SYNC 3 system works a lot smoother than before.

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