What fuse to use for dash cam installation

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my camera has been working for months, buggered if I can remember where its plugged in but ill check and get back to you.

Its not hard to work out though. turn the engine off, leave it for half an hour (dont lock the doors) then go back and see which fuses are not live. turn the ignition on, if it lights up you have your ignition on. the ones that didn't turn off, are your battery on.

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I have the same issue, looks like i have it in the wrong fuse cos it does not go off after 15 mins, have a better look and sort it out, I fitted it wrong and it cost me £130 at main dealer to fix the ***** fuse I blow (i didnt test them right) lesson learnt. Amy way looks like I will be turning the book upside down and fix it right I have to manually turn it off at the min. 

On 9/11/2018 at 3:16 PM, 1979Damian said:

Good old Ford! :wallbash:

Thanks I will give it a look, and get back


Yeah turn the book upside down, I had the High beam fuse turn the book the other way round and you get the cigaret lighter fuse, its a blue one,  goes off after you lock the car comes back on when you unlock it, works great thanks for the tip.

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