Pipe part number - Throttle body to Intercooler

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Hello all,

Could I ask the members for assistance please. There is a 'whoosing' noise upon acceleration. I looked up online possible causes and one answer now appears to be the correct problem. A tear or a crack / hole in the pipe between the Throttle Body and the Intercooler. The mechanic I use has told me to go purchase the pipe and he will fit it. I'm also getting the timing belt changed at the same time as my car has done 101k miles.

Could I ask members if they could tell me the correct part number for this pipe. I have briefly looked at eBay but it's just pictures of different pipes and I am not that mechanically minded. Could I ask also if members may suggest where is the best place to buy a reasonably priced new one, other than a Ford garage.

Thank you.




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