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DRL Front Fog Lights

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After seeing this thread where another member put these fogs lights into a transit, I thought they looked pretty good and saw that the same seller also sells some for a Fiesta.

Now I know in the thread says they are fully legal but I thought you're not allowed to retrofit LED's to the front light (only allowed if they come from the factory)

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Another question is would I need to inform my insurance of this as its an external modification?

Here is the link to the fiesta version.

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DRL when on in the dark are really bright which may be why factory ones switch off when you turn on the main lights. Like Mike2017 said he wired them in so they switch off when the main lights are switched on. I've seen some halo lights which go on the fogs for the mk6 and I think mk7 fiestas. I've seen some on autobeam which you can change the light colour from an app on your phone. 

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Legality wise, it’s a technicality IMO.

definitely notify your insurance, i’d Phrase it such as upgrading front headlights. 


Yes, retrofitting LED headlights are Technically illegal, however unless you have already been pulled over for something, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll get pulled over just for them due to the common nature in a mix of cars making it impossible for a majority of traffic officers to know what’s a retrofit and what’s out the factory.

I am in no way advising that you do this as it is illegal. 

Feel free to private message me and I’ll be happy to go into more detail :) 

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Legal wise I don't see them being a particular problem.
As long as the DRL function is not controlled by the fog light switch and dims correctly when headlights come on then you would be ok in my opinion.
I must admit that I personally like the effect of those bluetooth controlled multi-coloured drl rings as mentioned but obviously must be kept as white unless off road / show use.

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Ford themselves offer them for the Fiesta, so as long as they turn on with the ignition and then turn off when you turn on the headlights, can't really see them being a problem.

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