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Hi all hope this is the correct section long post about my focus any help input appreciated he goes

I have a 2003 ford focus with 105xxx miles, it has the 1.6 zetec se engine.
i bought it recently off a guy who stated in the add the buckets needed doing as the car had a very audable tap so i bought it as it drove ok even with the noise slightly underpowered no faults on diagnostics, seeing as im slightly better than your aveage weekend mechanic (at times) i figured i could fix it! but anyway ive measures all the valve gaps so here they are 

cyc1 ex .30mm .30mm
Cyc1 in .15mm .20mm

Cyc2 ex .35mm .35mm
Cyc2 in  .25mm .23mm

Cyc3 ex .35mm .35mm
Cyc3 in  .23mm .20mm

Cyc4 ex .35mm .38mm
Cyc4 in  .23mm .18mm

Some are a little out of spec but i dont think they would produce the noise im hearing. Seems also to be coming from the belt side cyc 1 area. I think the timing might be out, belt was done according to cam cover at 56,xxx miles about 6 years ago, plugs were fouled on removal so its using some oil but it was over filled by 1 or 1.5 liters. Removed and new 5w30 and filter. Plug holes had oil 3/4 up the plug and was pushin oil out the pcv through the air box. So anyway i ordered the timing tools but which pin is 303-748 as there will be 3 in the box? ive it ripped up and ready ive a flat bar holding the cams. The crank pulley is off and rest of cover im aware of the floating crank setup so i wont turn anything until tool arrives i think thats about it anyway. Just lookin for advise and other causes solutions to my tapping knock noise and if the timing could cause the noise.



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