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MK2.5 1.8 petrol hanging onto revs

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Hi all,

The wife's MK2.5 1.8 petrol Focus seems to be misbehaving.  Basically when changing gear the car continues to rev as if the throttle is still being applied (for about a second or so).

Basically when I come off the power and press the clutch, the revs will typically increase by 200-300 RPM for a second or so, before starting to drop down again.  The revs seems to be a little slow to drop as well, although I'm used to driving a TDCi so tat might just be me.  I'm wanting to get it sorted as it can't be doing the clutch plate any good.

So far I've carried out the following steps to try and resolve it without any major success:

  • Removed the throttle body, given it a good clean (it was covered in black crud internally), cleared the learned values using Forscan and following the reinitialisation procedure.  (the car drives a little more smoothly but gear changes still don't "feel" right.
  • Forscan telemetry confirmed that the throttle pedal position is being reported correctly with no lag.
  • The difference between the requested throttle body position and its actual position is less than 1%, it also adjusts quickly so it doesn't appear that the butterfly valve is sticking.

Has anyone got any further suggestions, I know this engine doesn't have an ICV so I guess I'd need to be looking at hoses (oh and there is not noticeable hissing when the throttle is applied).

EDIT: I've found several references online to the "Power Steering Pressure Switch" sometimes causing this issue, any thoughts?

Any helpful suggestions will be much appreciated!

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I have the MK 2.5 2010 Titanium 1.8l petrol (literally had it a week) after owning the 1.8 tdci sport 2006 and I've noticed exactly the same (although only occasionally).

Sorry I'm not posting an answer but I will look into it more now I've seen your post...I'll keep you updated if I find out anything :-)

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I had a 2002 Mk1.5 Focus 1800 petrol, similar symptoms. Turned out to be the MAF. Just a thought!

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My 2010 1.8 Zetec (Duratec HE) does this too. I've just got used to it.

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Will take a look at the MAF, although it's a lot better since I cleaned the throttle body and reset the "learned values".  It's more of a subtle behaviour now, whereas before you had to wait at least a second after lifting off the throttle before dipping the clutch.

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