MK6 Fiesta puma conversion

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seems many have tried this.


i bought a mk6 a few weeks back that has a puma engine sitting in it. got it pretty cheap and it come in a rather fetching blue.


but you lot will love to hear how this thing is in there...


it was mounted up all good and well. no problems. and that was about it. for starters, the looms and ecu's of both the fiesta and puma are completely different, so the chap who done this seems to have given up on that, and thought sod it. ill run it off the 1.6 ecu.


and because of the electric throttle body had to use the 1.6 inlet. should also point out it has a toyosports 421 manifold and a decat too. was rather surprised to see a mk6 1.6 inlet fits on a puma head to be honest. along with using the 1.7 injectors.


despite this complete mix and match of parts, strangling of the inlet side, erratic fuelling, and lack of functioning VCT, it starts without fail, and i have been driving it to work and is proving to be reliable so far...


i find it rather funny how when its cold, it is actually quite nippy, butt dyno was saying it makes about 90 or so bhp when cold, when the temp gauge passes the second notch, a moment later, it feels like it pulls like a good few degrees of timing or something. rather annoying. also it uses quite a lot of fuel. like, mk6 fiesta st mpg figures. im gonna go ahead and put that down to the ecu not knowing what the hell to do and dumping fuel in at the rate of knots.


should mention too, its on an 03 plate, little older than most.


but over the coming weeks, it will be something that i intend to "finish", parts are not a problem. luck has it, i work at a scrapyard, and theres an untouched puma in the yard, with mk6's aplenty.


more than anything its going to be wiring a puma ecu into it somehow and plonking the 1.7 inlet on.


handles like a trooper as a mk6 should as it is now. and its not in the slightest any heavier on the nose with the puma engine, which the st engine being a bit heavier than the rest of them. and the plan will be to take it to around that 150 mark the st is supposed to have, plus the benefits of the VCT.


but for now, its just very loud. like, very.


tomorrow, ill take some tidy photos, and maybe link a youtube video of what it sounds like, because although it is, very, very loud, its also one hell of a good noise on full chat. she dont half make a fuss. that and it pops and gurgles a lot. especially on cold. it does some proper good ones. everytime it does a big one i start giggling like a 12 year old. brilliant stuff.


for the night owls, ill leave an engine bay shot for you all to argue over!



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Hi was this bolted in with the original mk6 engine mounts or the puma engine mounts ? And was it all just bolted in or did ylthey make new mounts on the chassis 

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