Bonnet catch - upright post thing

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Hi all,

Suffered the dreaded broken bonnet lock today. Managed to open the bonnet and remove the lock and now I'm just waiting for my local dealer to get me the little cross-shape section white plastic peice that engages the release mechanism in the actual lock.

I had to remoive the lock/catch to open the bonnet and notice there's an aluminium-looking rounded top post sticking out the top of the catch - it seems to be above some electronics and I wondered if it was a microswitch for the security system. Problem is, it doesn't depress - doesn't move at all.

My question is, should it move? If not, what's it for? Why does it have electronics?


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Tamper switch for the alarm.
It does take the weight of the bonnet to depress so may not be easy to move by hand.
You could give it a soaking with WD40 if need be.

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