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MK3 Fiesta Project


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Hello, I recently bought a Mk3 Fiesta which will be a little project car to work on in my spare time. I am planning on putting either a 2.0l or 1.8l pinto engine in it, but I also want to keep it FWD. Does anyone know which gearbox I could use?

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Hi Matthew.

I woudnt bother with the pinto. its very heavy combined with the gearbox

I would go with a Zetec engine. the gearbox's are very similar except its a hydraulic clutch not a cable one if i remember correctly.

a 1.6 100 Zetec would go great :-)



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thanks for the advice, but I want to put something different in it. I'm not doing it for massive power increases or anything like that. it is just something to mess about with in my spare time and to learn a thing or two

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