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1.6 TDCi: 90 or 95 engine?!


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I did have a 95 bhp ZS (2011) that got written off, and to replace it I bought a 2010 ZS. I had assumed it was a 90bhp, however a few things tell me it’s possibly a 95 and I’m not sure how to tell! It was registered in May 2010, so right on the crossover, however it doesn't have an engine cover and has a few other little bits that look different under the bonnet too. HPI tells me it has 95 bhp, and typing the reg into a few other websites suggests the same, as well as the V5 saying it's 70kw, which translates to around 95 bhp. 90 comes out at 67/68 kw. It certainly doesn't feel any slower than my last one, which was a 95.

Maybe a stupid question, but it’d be good to know! Especially as I’m considering some tuning options. Whilst I’m here, are there any thoughts/opinions/experiences with the bluefin options? 

Cheers! :cool:

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9 minutes ago, alexp999 said:

Check your reg here:


Ford switched from 90PS DOHC to 95PS SOHC around the middle of 2010.

90PS has no DPF.

Amazing, thank you very much! What an awesome resource.

Turns out it is a 95; must’ve been one of the first being a May 2010 car. Does mean I have a dpf though :dry:

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In my experience the 90bhp 16valve twin cam feels faster than the 95bhp 8valve single cam. I don't mean top end, but more the way it really picks up from 1750rpm

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