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Help, I've accidentally taken apart my fuel cap!


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I've got a Y reg Ford Fiesta.

My fuel cap was very stiff and my key very nearly got stuck, to the point that I believe I twisted the barrel, which meant that the fuel cap wouldn't go back into the hole anymore. When playing around with it, I've accidentally taken the whole thing apart.


I believe I've put it together and aligned it correctly:


However, it doesn't click down and just bounces back up due to the spring:


Can anyone help? Is there a trick to getting it to stick back in place?

Thanks very much.

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I can't see the photos.

But let this be a lesson to everyone who puts up with a stiff lock on a fuel cap and doesn't bother oiling it until something breaks. oil it when it needs it.

As a friend said to me a while back, 'my key snapped off in my fuel cap and I had to break the cap off.' I said 'I bet the lock has been stiff for a while', she said 'Yes, I have had trouble with it for months.'.  what can you say? if it needs attention, sort it out before it's too late

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