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S-MAX 2.2 DPF removal


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Hi New and first time forum users so please excuse the etiquette..:)

My wife bought a Ford Direct car from Ford main dealer in 2012 with only 9,000 miles on it. The car has now done 61,000 miles approx. It is the 2,2 Diesel S-MAX Titanium X model. About 6 months ago we had some codes come up (cant remember what they were now) and was told that the DPF filter was 100% clogged and had the option given to have it replaced or removed for half the cost. Naturally we thought we made the right decision to have it removed and also the ECU re-mapped. Since then we have had clouds of black smoke upon acceleration so had it serviced to see if this would resolve the issue. More recently the car is pulling back when held at steady throttle, when you put your foot down, smoke comes out but seems to resolve the pulling back momentarily. We had some Forte stuff put into the car last week but this hasn't really made much of a difference. My local garage told me the problem is that by removing the DPF, we have caused an imbalance in the pressure and that we need to get a EGR valve delete kit which in essence is a blanking plate. I'm not sure if this model can be blanked off or indeed this is the right way to go.

Would very much appreciate some advice on this issue.


Many thanks



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Not true at all, if the remap was done properly there should be no extra smoke or any difference at all really.  Tbh it sounds like a bad remap.

The EGR imbalance is total rubbish!  The EGR may have been mapped out at the same time (usually is) or it may now be faulty coincidentally...but it has nothing to do with gutting the DPF.

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To add insult to injury, you'd best hope your MOT guy/gal doesn't check for your DPF being present in the engine bay. If they do and find it missing....fail and a costly fix to replace the removed DPF!

It is now illegal to have a DPF standard car without its DPF fitted. It also doesn't matter if you bought it second hand, you are the owner and so held accountable. 

As for black smoke, yes, it does sound like a not so good remap. However, diesels are run lean in order to keep them cleaner. A remap often adds more diesel for more power, but this also causes more soot. Your DPF catches this and burns it off. Without one fitted, you will always get some smoke. 

YouTube diesel Coal rolling to see what the Yanks think is funny. It ain't smart but shows you the true dirty side of diesel! 

PS: I drove a diesel. It has a DPF and it's is smokeless. I find that using Supermarket diesel or 🐚 causes additional regenerations (active) of the DPF. I have had very very few when run on BP's normal diesel, none on Ultimate. Maybe it's the additives, or a higher Bio Diesel % in the supermarket chains. Bio-diesel kills DPF's!

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