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Morethan Smart Wheels

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So when I brought my fiesta, there was a "More Than Smart Wheels" sticker on the windscreen with a symbol that resembles the WiFi symbol on your phone. I googled what it was and it's for a blackbox to record your location, speed, driving habits etc etc. 

Do they remove this box when the person who had insurance with them cancels their policy or sells the car? 

I DO NOT want to be recorded, I DO NOT want my location and where abouts being watched, I DO NOT want my information passed onto my current insurance company, police 😉 or whoever else. 

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They usually charge you for removing the box when the policy finishes, and they usually keep recording until it gets removed. Judging by the fact there's still a sticker in there, the black box is probably still in there. They're usually located behind the glove box, however have been installed under the steering wheel column.

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The box will be switched off as when when the person who had it fitted as part of the policy ended the insurance the insurance company are not interested anymore.  Both my daughters cars had black boxes fitted - the proper name is telemetrics and they are only used to monitor the style of the insured driving. 

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The box gets switched off when the policy ends. I had them for my first year and they penalise you even for doing the speed limit, guess I missed out on their 'bonuses'. 😂

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