Engine fan running, no heat inside

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2008 Ka mk1, 1.3 - Duratec engine.

Just noticed over the last few days that the engine fan seems to be running fairly constantly, suggesting the running temperature is very high, but inside the cabin, even on full heat the air is coming out luke warm at best.

The Heater Control Valve was replaced last year so I don't think that's the issue, am wondering if it's a failing/failed thermostat or if it has an airlock (and if so, what caused the airlock)?

Anyone had the same issue?

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Well after the overwhelming response to this, I thought I'd communicate the outcome for the benefit of others in the future.

There was a coolant leak from the thermostat housing causing an airlock in the system - resulting in the engine running on overheat but no hot water making it into the cabin.

A new thermostat housing and a bleed of the system has solved the issue.

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